The Co-Op of San Luis Obispo


Are you in search for a local health food store? Are you looking to reduce your carbon foot print? Do you just want a cute place to shop for some treats? Well we have just the place for you! 

The Co-Op of San Luis Obispo is a Real Food Collaborative favorite. Its full of wonderfully nutritious, sustainable and conscious foods that are also super delicious. We like to bring our jars and reusable bags for all the bulk foods and fresh produce. The special thing about this Co-Op is that they are passionate about sourcing their products from local farmers and supplies, all the while promoting organic and non-GMO food standards. Their members look to provide the community with real foods, wellness and healthy lifestyle all at the most affordable price. Sounds a little like the Real Food Collaborative's mission, doesn't it? Exactly why we are obsessed with this place! 

Let us know what you think if you choose to visit this magical place!